Interest of Justice (IOJ) has a mission to ensure scientific integrity, human rights, research standards & ethics

The time has come for humanity to Sue the WHO and prove to our nations that it is time to EXIT and PROHIBIT UN. Why? Well, lets start at the fact that UN operates as a hard core cabal and a private monopoly which is a parasite, wasting nations precious funds for useless, unnecessary, overfunded and failing programs such as Agenda 2030 and Emergency Procurement of experimental bunk PCR “diagnostic” tests and gene therapy mislabelled as a vaccine.

The covid-19 declaration of emergency is based on PCR Tests ruled by Lisbon Portugal court to be “useless” and “unscientific”, but the governments and Big Pharma are working with UN, WHO & WEF to censor whistleblower scientists that, if heard,¬† would prove there was no emergency to justify the WHO EUL Emergency Use Listing of the toxic covid vaccines, that are NOT vaccines, whilst omitting what is required for informed consent under normal rules of procurement and research standards. IOJ¬†aims to assess, address and redress this unjust situation through litigation and co-creation of remedy and new policies that uphold human rights in an emergency.

We advocate for the inclusion of scientific dissenters to be included at the intersection of science and policy. The right to participate in science is a cultural right all States have an obligation to uphold.


IOJ is suing UN Trusted News Initiative for censoring our organizations human rights communications and our expert scientists and journalists. Don't let them get away with it! Sue the WHO for censoring you!

UN Emergency Procurement

IOJ, for good cause, believes that WHO is responsible for fraud on all countries that rely on the EUL for PCR for diagnostics of covid-19 and vaccines for preventing "vaccine preventable diseases"

Climate Scam

WHO Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar censored IOJ & our org Free Speech Association in October 30, 2023 CSO Consultation for showing the link where UN claims "we own the science". WE HAVE A PERSONAL INJURY & CLAIM AGAINST WHO!

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Costa Rica, Perez Zeledon Defeats UN 15 Minute City April 4, 2024 With Huge Protest & Legal Actions. Special Forces Advises Mayor Not To Hold The Public Hearing & The Vote Was Never Had! by Interest of Justice

Costa Rica Agenda 2030 Protestors Going NUTS In Final Day Of Huge Protest Against "Eco-Barrio's" (15 minute city) Being Adopted By City of Perez Zeledon. April 4, 2024. The day of Oh HELL No!

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Mistakes Were Not Made.
Don't Let Them Get Away With It!
Stop Crimes Against Humanity

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