Interest of Justice (IOJ) has a mission to ensure scientific integrity, human rights, research standards & ethics

Why be the resistance when you can be the PERSISTENCE!

We advocate for the inclusion of scientific dissenters to be included at the intersection of science and policy. The right to participate in science is a cultural right all States have an obligation to uphold.  Agenda 2030 and all International Agreements are not valid without the active participation of ALL relevant and interested stakeholders involved in the design, approval and implementation of all policies, norms and laws which affect the people, their dignity and substantive rights.

We believe many internationally binding decisions, including the SDG’s were made in the complete absence of scientific debate due to UN globally censorship schemes and that many globally significant decisions, especially emergency protocols are therefore void and must be rethought, redone, revised and begin again with a wider range of scientific input, including from the greater scientific community. 

We call upon Member States to invoke stricter human rights protections and to prioritize science integrity in UN procurement. Without truly independent citizen and dissenter “misfit” science at the intersection of science and policy the ideology of “peace, justice and strong institutions” is illusory and unattainable! PARTICIPATION AND OPEN GOVERNMENT IS THE KEY TO TRUST & JUSTICE!

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