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From 2020 until today we have filed a series of legal actions, winning 4 cases against Costa Rica's Health Minister

The culmination of these cases proves the Health Minister lied under oath 7x!

Globally Respected

We are globally recognized as "partners" by WHO, HHS, FDA and Costa Rica as 'The Oversight Committee', civil society and human rights consultant.

Government Oversight

We are not acting against the governments when holding them to account. We are HELPING them conform to their duties.

Science Diplomacy

Our staff is certified in Science Diplomacy and is "uniquely qualified" to assess and address political influence in science policy.

Interest of Justice is a private International law and civics institute headquartered in Costa Rica that helps the Global Community of Citizens ensure government accountability to the people.  Our mission is safeguarding the interest of the international community as a whole and to give effect to the letter and intent of the supreme international law, it’s peremptory norms and customs. 

We can stop the crimes against humanity

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Our mission is to ensure that no one’s human rights are overlooked when they’re needed most. We’re gearing up for a critical battle, and we need your help to raise $50,000. This isn’t just any fundraiser; it’s the key to unlocking justice. The funds will secure the downpayment a top-notch legal team and cover the downpayment to a law firm that specializes in human rights cases.
Your support means we can stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. We are all about giving a voice to the voiceless and strength to the vulnerable during unprecedented global challenges. By joining us, you’re not just donating; you’re taking a stand for humanity. Let’s make sure that when history looks back on how we handled a pandemic, it will show that we held human rights as our unwavering beacon. We pray that you join us, contribute to our cause, and be part of a movement that champions human dignity above all.

About IOJ

Our Mission

Our mission is safeguarding the interest of the international community as a whole and to give effect to the letter and intent of the supreme international law, it’s peremptory norms and customs.   

Our aim is to initiate the necessary legal actions that will allow us to document evidence in a court forum of unquestionable legitimacy so that we may bring to account all those that are responsible for damaging or unethical public health actions. Through the court system we will be able to certify that the evidence is true and cannot be questioned. This will cause the effect of bringing forward more and more evidence of these atrocious actions of serious undue experimentation and abuse of internet governance by UN, States and Big Pharma to censor public health discourse.

This will have a global effect as it is of course a global problem that has affected and damaged people all around the world.

We intend to stop all illegal activity related to public health and bring to account all those that may be responsible, including the publica and private sector.

We work tirelessly, 8 days a week, to educate and defend human rights under the written civil, natural hermetic and unwritten common laws.  Harmony*Truth*Honor*Integrity*Faith*Love*Light*Balance! ~X

defending Your right to participation

Global Law and Civics Institute

INSTITUTE Not to be confused with institution. An institute is an organisational body created for a certain purpose. They are often research organisations (research institutes) created to do research on specific topics. An institute can also be a professional body, or an educational unit imparting vocational training—see Mechanics’ Institutes. The word “institute” comes from a Latin word institutum meaning “facility” or “habit”; from instituere meaning “build”, “create”, “raise” or “educate”.

Our Biggest Strength
Is Rule Of Law


The Great Reset Of Rule Of Law

Place your order for the new world order. Policy made by WHO & States without the consent of the governed is invalid and we will have it annulled.

Independently Funded

We are 100% non profit, funded by the community and are proudly not corrupted by funding interests

Transparency, Ethics and Anti-Corruptions Obligations Review

The governments and businesses all signed international agreements for ethics, human rights and anti-corruption. We will hold them to it!

Rule of law is our biggest strength and the oppressors biggest weakness.  Do not join them. Expose & report them in court, to your Legislative Assembly, Omsbudsman, Attorney General and  to your national competent authorities!

Be the persistence!

2024 Mission To Hold The WHO & All Regulators Responsible For Serious Breaches of International Obligations To Human Rights

We have retained an entire law firm to help us clean up the mess left by the WHO and regulators in the aftermath of the covid declared emergency measures.  We are currently drafting a series of legal actions and intend to take covid-19 non vaccines off the market, as well as prove illegal experimentation on humanity with deception, disinformation, coercion, threat, manipulation and other illicit means of censorship and persecution.

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Big Pharma

Big Pharma bullied and coerced our nations into secret contracts which allow serious undue experimentation with no informed consent. At the same time they forged alliances within WHO and States regulators to hide the known adverse reactions whilst advertising "safe and effective" for investigational products. The products are adulterated, unsafe for human consumption but very profitable with no real safety or efficacy oversight.


The State of Costa Rica (and many other States) are involved in human research with no informed consent under the guise of public health measures. We are formally challenging the State and their director and controller World Health Organization (WHO) for the psychological and medical experimentation called "covid health measures". We seek to annul many acts, declare the limits of the law and prosecute the criminal aspects

We are launching the Global Science Integrity Task Force Anti Coruption Unit.  

Our staff is proudly certified in Diplomatic Law: Privileges and Immunities and Science Diplomacy SDG’s, stop them from within & be heard! 

Coming Soon! New Anti Corruption, Ethics, Human Rights and Science Diplomacy In Pandemic Preparedness & Response Collective Action!
We are creating and negotiating a new system for "stress tests" on governments to strengthen their responsiveness and ability to conform to their international and national obligations to the peoples human rights and unequivocal rules of science in global pandemic preparedness and response.

Hearings and precaution for novel emerging sciences.


The people have the right to a hearing to show us the science when the governments are acting to limit human rights. During the 2020 -2023 WHO PHEIC and covid-19 declared pandemic emergency, experts found that  human rights were limited  due to countries being bound to follow WHO contentious and debatable “technical” recommendations. Many experts were censored and persecuted for expressing their opinion that WHO is engaging in scientific fraud at worst or at best relying on clear misinterpretations of law and UN fear mongering.  We think it is time the public officials show us the science or the courts should issue precautionary measures.

IoJ organization is recognized as an interested and relevant stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response by the World Health Organization, HHS OGA, FDA & Many States
They all want SDG’s but wont abide by SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions! We aim to change that and Sue the WHO to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW and Stop Crimes Against Humanity!
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The Story of Interest of Justice

In the year 2020, a new force emerged in the realm of human rights defense. This was the year Interest of Justice (IoJ) began its mission—an International Organization dedicated to upholding human rights across the globe. With a keen focus on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, IoJ quickly became known for its relentless pursuit of justice and truth.

A Champion for Rights During a Pandemic

As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, IoJ sprang into action. In Costa Rica, they filed over 45 legal actions, targeting injustices and seeking accountability from those in power. Their efforts were not in vain; IoJ celebrated four significant victories in the highest Constitutional Chamber against the National Health Minister.
But their work didn’t stop at the courtroom doors. When IoJ suspected that the Health Minister had given false testimony, they didn’t hesitate to inform the judges. This led to a referral to the public prosecutor, and three years later, it was confirmed: the Health Minister had lied about the FDA approval status of COVID-19 vaccines and other matters, leading to charges of crimes against humanity.

Global Advocacy and Recognition

IoJ’s voice resonated beyond the borders of Costa Rica. They engaged with global entities like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, advocating for transparency and accountability. Through these interactions, IoJ established a legal record for the sake of humanity. 

Their dedication to diplomacy and international law was acknowledged with four Diplomacy certificates from the government of Malta, recognizing their expertise in areas such as diplomatic law, Science Diplomacy integrity and oversight within the United Nations sustainable development goals.


The Fight Continues

Today, IoJ is on the brink of a pivotal moment. Armed with evidence and backed by thorough investigations, they are preparing to take final actions against the State of Costa Rica, international organizations, and regulatory agencies for serious breaches of human rights laws.
The upcoming legal battles are set to be monumental, with WHO staff and FDA directors expected to testify. IoJ’s goal is clear: to invoke international responsibility, halt the mass use of mRNA research outside clinical trials, and remove COVID-19 vaccines from mandatory vaccination schedules.

A Vision for the Future

IoJ’s vision extends far beyond the courtroom. They aim to document evidence in a forum of unquestionable legitimacy, holding accountable all those responsible for fraudulent actions during the pandemic. By doing so, they hope to create a ripple effect, bringing more evidence to light and addressing a global problem that has harmed people worldwide.
The ultimate goal? To put an end to all illegal activity related to public health and ensure that both the public and private sectors are held responsible for their actions. Interest of Justice stands as a beacon of hope, fighting tirelessly for a world where human rights are respected and upheld.

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