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Thank you so much for signing the petitions which will be used in court. There will be many legal cases filed against the WHO and Amendments with your support!

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Interest Of Justice is proud to say we were selected by the WHO as primary stakeholders in “Pandemic Preparedness & Response”. Take the journey with IOJ as a stakeholder and support the cause as an interested party to change the laws to protect peoples rights in an emergency. As a stakeholder you will receive behind the scene updates. It will take a large amount of stakeholders to outnumber the WHO’s private funders so we can demand to be heard by the WHO and in court as a group with diffuse interests. There is a $5 minimum monthly donation to support the extensive legal work. As you are filling out the simple form, please tell us about yourself or your organization in the comments section. Thank you for having an interest in joining our legal formidable force!

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