Law and Civics Education

Costa Rica has the LOWEST citizen participation of all Latin American countries!.  This is dangerous. The citizens need to learn civics in order to know exactly HOW to use the Constitutional & other laws to protect themselves and others!  

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Do you know that habeas corpus is right to have a common law writ that can release you from undue and unconstitutional restraints upon your liberty?  Amparo is a common law writ to restore all other Constitutionally protected rights.  

These two writs (especially habeas corpus) and an action of unconstitutionality are the ONLY procedures and mechanisms in Costa Rica to enforce a human right treaty and the Constitution.  The writs of habeas corpus and Amparo can be filed by yourself, or a friend, without an attorney.  The action of unconstitutionality requires a connected writ to be granted prior to filing, as well as an authentication stamp from an attorney, but can be filed by yourself.  All cases against the administration usually begin in the contentious-administrative court, however, if you meet the requirements you can go straight to the highest Constitutional Chamber that hears the writs and Action of Unconstitutionality.

One way these writs will be effective in “a state of emergency” is to file it as a violation of a valid human rights instrument, which requires you to name the Article number and international instrument violated.   For instance, mandating an experimental vaccine – even in an alleged emergency – is a human rights violation under Article 12 of the Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (and many other instruments you can bring up) – This article protects the right to health which according to the UN means “self determination and right to be free of medical experimentation”.  Use it or lose it!


COMMON LAW WRIT of Habeas Corpus is a RIGHT!

The Costa Rica constitution honors your right to be free of arbitrary and undue restraints upon your liberty in all its forms.  This common law writ is called the Great Writ and is over a thousand years old!  It is especially useful for illegal arrests, getting your child back when the other parent or state takes them illegally,  and for fixing restrictions on freedom of movement, etc.


The Costa Rica constitution honors your right to all the guarantees in the constitution quickly and easily when threatened or taken arbitrarily.  The common law writ of Amparo is relatively new (only a couple hundred years old) and originated in Mexico to protect the citizens.  It is literally a writ of protection.

ACTION OF unconstitutionality

Costa Rica takes this action very seriously.  It must be authenticated by an attorney.  You can do it but they must stamp it as authenticated.  In this action you can challenge and strike down any unconstitutional law, decree, act, etc for the whole country, or as applied to only yourself.  This action has a public hearing where interested parties can come to clarify or expand the issues.  

Common law is known as the "unwritten law", even though it is thoroughly documented in writings and case law of judges opinions. Opinions change over history and therefore some common laws have been legislated out of existence. Costa Rica is a civil law country, which means all common law is written.