Stop World Health Organization, USA and Other Wrongdoers From Violating Human Rights & Nuremberg Code
This is a claim form to gather a list of claimants for Interest of Justice's very serious claim against the WHO and the States for violating human rights and international laws, including Siracusa Principles and the Nuremberg Code. This claim is on behalf of the international community. This is the first step toward global restitution of compensation and holding the wrongdoers responsible. There is a remedy. THIS is it. Thanks for joining us on this journey towards restoring rule of law, international justice and freedom. You are part of the solution by demanding the States and WHO peacefully coordinate to make this right to us all! THIS WILL WORK. ITS ENFORCEABLE IN INTERNATIONAL COURT. TRUST. FAITH. LIGHT OVER MIGHT! WE CAN DO THIS! WE ARE THE ONES WE ARE WAITING FOR! ***This page will update very soon with the final verbiage of Interest of Justice's international legal claim!

Global Opinion Results:

My rights are affected by the WHO's unscientific Declaration of Pandemic (check all rights that apply)
(547 votes)
Safety and financial interests
(700 votes)
Freedom of choice
(546 votes)
Equal treatment - Non discrimination
(670 votes)
Not to be experimented upon without informed consent
(575 votes)
Adequate and truthful information
(522 votes)
Prompt Justice
(564 votes)
Truth and probity - (Means Honest, Independent & Efficient Health Authorities)
Total Votes: 717
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