Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Transmuting Corruption to Accountability


The law of the universe is the law you cant really lobby to change.  It dictates that life goes in rhythms and what that means to us here in the Interest of Justice team is that the tyrants of the world who seek to rule by might rather than right always get put in their place by the real leaders who are the people and the universe.

Its not an overthrowing or revolution, its a simple law and a balancing act of the universe that plays it’s game throughout the ages.

We are witnessing the changing of the rhythms and the dark coming to light.  What we found recently in the past couple years of research has deeply saddened us but also emboldened us to come forward with the truth.  We know for a fact that there is a deep state and Congressman Jason Chaffetz wrote a book on his experience with it’s stubborn pervasiveness and refusal to acknowledge the obvious need for improvement.

The thing is, if you push against what you don’t like the reality is that everything is energy and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So what do the people who see a need for change do?

We be the change we want to see.  We may not be able to change the world overnight or in our lifetime… but we are able to change our own individual worlds and our fellowman’s worlds who need support by demanding small victories.  We are pretty hell bent on our latest mission, which is to free our friend Sean David Morton from prison and get him back on his radio show.  The government has the right to explain why they used false evidence, perjury, withheld evidence that proves Sean David Morton is innocent and they are free to explain that its ok to have planted Obama’s head re-election campaign manager in the jury among other seemingly corrupt issues in that case.  If they can’t convince the court that their actions are justified or legal then we think that the obvious corruption can be remedied at least in this one situation.  IRS and DoJ are not meant to be corrupt, they are supposed to offer us a benefit and live up to the name Department of JUSTICE.

We think the courts are the protectors of the peoples rights and that the IRS and Department of Justice have a duty to restore the peoples faith in them.  We trust that LIGHT always wins over dark in the end and we have an honorable judicial branch who will protect the people when we stand up to corruption in the interest of justice.