Download the April 23th 2021 Amparo with the first questions!

Only tyrants and dictators dislike transparency.  The Health Ministry begged the judge to lift the protection of the Plaintiffs because they do NOT want to answer these questions.  The Amparo for answers is OPEN and will remain open while the people continue to ask all the questions Costa Rica needs as evidence in the attached Action of Unconstitutionaity to nullify and strike down the entire “emergency” decree 42227 MP-S!
Download the April writ of Amparo with the first set of the covid-19 legal and technical questions. (200 more questions are asked now with the response due June 1st 2021).  
We felt like we needed to ask questions to get the answers a lot of people are wanting throughout Costa Rica and also the world. These questions are obviously legitimate and somewhat easy for a health professional being in the field with a speck of expertise…
The Judge of the Constitutional Supreme court of Costa Rica decided the writ is “simple” because our right to prompt response was clearly denied.  The president of the Constitutional Chamber ordered the Ministerio de Salud to respond within 3 days. These were fairly simple questions where almost anyone can start tinkering around on the internet and find the answers if you didn’t know.
This is the first Writ of Amparo to begin the tedious process of uncovering facts, enforcing human rights law and demanding Government transparency to the People of Costa Rica about the staged COVID-19 “Pandemic”. 
Here at we will be updating Costa Rica often with each of the many documents that are currently filed in the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica until all of the Documents are posted on our website for you to read and share.
Some Documents have already created settled facts in front of the Judge and some documents are waiting response from the Health Ministry and will become evidence to use in Costa Rica’s Action of Unconstitutionality. The Action is to strike down the illegitimate emergency decree and all subsequent measures.
Currently in process behind the scenes is an avalanche of expert evidence being assembled and we are confident there was more than enough evidence when filed to win. Keep the faith Costa Rica! We the people can and will win in the end. It is our belief that the people’s will is the law and that we can transmute this into creating better laws to prevent this from ever happening again in this great free and pure nation! The process toward freedom begins here with the first step and questions.