Our Covid Legal Actions 2020-2023

Our Covid Legal Actions 2020-2023


Our organization is recognized as an interested and relevant stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response by the World Health Organization, HHS OGA, FDA and the UN human rights council.

Through a series of dedicated and strategic actions including FOIA;s and court filings, is our intention to reform or abolish “The Health Monopoly” (WHO, FDA, CDC, EMA, and overly compliant member states as well as hold them all responsible for cessation and reparations for the many, many covid-19 international wrongdoings.

Monday, December 7, 2020
Initial Protest of Covid Measures
Government Reply To Initial Covid Measures Protest
Boilerplate reply from the Health Dictators

Interest of Justice receives a standard boiler plate reply answering absolutely nothing and insisting the government has authority to limit our rights due to the alleged covid emergency.

March 1, 2021
First set of 17 questions sent to Minesterio de Salud, Costa Rica
  1. Please provide all data, communications, memoranda, notices, advisories, alerts, etc. between Costa Rica and employees of the World Health Organization or the "W.H.O." from December 2015 to present.

  2. Please provide the scientific evidence on which you rely to justify all the health restrictions you ordered.

  3. Do you have any evidence that contradicts the effectiveness of the closures, traffic restrictions or mask mandates? If yes, list all contradictory or controverting evidence and why you disregarded it.

  4. Please provide evidence that the driving restrictions you have ordered actually achieve the intended result of slowing or stopping the spread of the virus, rather than forcing people to use unsafe public transportation that may increase cases of covid-19.

  5. Please provide evidence that the business closures you ordered actually achieve the intended result of slowing or stopping the spread of the virus.

  6. Please provide evidence that the inner mask mandates you ordered actually achieve the intended result of slowing or stopping the spread of the virus,

  7. Do you consider that there is any evidence outside Costa Rica to show that covid-19 cases increased after the masks became mandatory, such as in the United States, in California?

  8. Are you aware that places like South Korea, which have no restrictions, became a model of how to contain Covid-19 effectively and that places with restrictions have more cases of covid-19 than some places like South Korea and Florida USA which have no restrictions?

  9. Please provide 5 years of statistics on the average number of deaths from flu, influenza and other viruses in Costa Rica.

  10. How do you know that Covid-19 testing or death counts are always accurate? Do you rely on PCR testing to count Covid-19 cases that warrant restrictions?

  11. Do you have evidence that covid-19 virus has been isolated? If yes, please provide evidence.

  12. How many cycles of the PCR test does Costa Rica use to determine Covid19 positive cases? Did Costa Rica follow WHO's (the World Health Organization) or other guidelines to determine the cycles used in the PCR test?

  13. What, if any, independent analysis and review did Costa Rica perform of the data provided by WHO's (the World Health Organization) or elsewhere?

  14. Does Costa Rica blindly rely on all data from WHO's (the World Health Organization) and other sources without further analysis? How does Costa Rica determine the accuracy of the data provided by WHO or other sources?

  15. Please provide all investigations, analyses and independent reviews that Costa Rica has conducted to verify the accuracy of the data used to justify the declaration of emergency and the restrictions to our rights.

  16. Why is covid-19 extraordinary when you say it seems less serious than SARS and less lethal than MERS?

  17. If Covid-19, as you say, is less serious than SARS and less lethal than MERS, why does Dr. Daniel Salas consider Covid-19 an emergency?

April 11, 2021
Interest of Justice co-founders file Amparo in Costa Rica Constitutional Chamber for Right of Reply

IOJ founders go to the top constitutional chamber court regarding the denial of theirright of response to initial 17 questions.

May 4, 2021
Costa Rica answers court ORDER for response to 17 questions

BRIEF: The State confessed they use 45ct in the PCR test and made numerous contradictory statements and false testimonies regarding active cases, number of counted deaths and how the State counts deaths by covid-19.

August 4, 2021
200 questions Amparo #3

IOJ founders file Amparo in Constitutional Chamber for right of response to the 200 questions.  This was the third time filing Amparo for the same questions due to the States shenanigans and delays.

August 4 200Q Initial claim English


September 12, 2021
4 questions regarding Costa Rica's human rights obligations under Siracusa Principles and Universal Declaration of Human Rights
IOJ founders demanded proof that Costa Rica performed their obligation to report their emergency limitations of the peoples rights due to the alleged covid emergency to the human rights bodies, among two other questions. Amparo for 4 questions right of response