IOJ is blessed to carry the responsibility of being one of upwards of only 10 lawsuits that includes authenticated testimony by Dr. Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer regarding the many covid lies & crimes

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With your help our small team can sue the officials, the WHO, CDC, FDA and many others worldwide using the Costa Rican legal system, which has the unique ability to host a trial for violations of Nuremberg Code and also crimes against humanity under universal jurisdiction, regardless of where the wrongdoer is, or where the crimes occurred. INVESTIGATION IS HUGE AND ONGOING – WE HAVE AN OPEN CASE THATS ABOUT TO GO DOWN IN HISTORY.
Costa Rica Penal Code: 
ARTICLE 386.- Crimes against humanity. 

A prison term of ten to twenty-five years shall be imposed on anyone who commits or orders to be committed, as part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population and with knowledge of such attack, acts that may be classified as crimes against humanity, in accordance with the provisions of international treaties to which Costa Rica is a party, relating to the protection of human rights, and the Rome Statute.

NoteThus added by Article 2° of Law No. 8272 of May 2, 2002, in Article 379.

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