Ministreo de Salud won’t answer all questions ORDERED by the judge!

Minestreo de Salud’s attorney and the Health MInister Dr. Salas are IN CONTEMPT OF COURT, refusing to answer all questions ORDERED ANSWERED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE HIGHEST CONSTITUTIONAL COURT IN CR:

What are they hiding? They only answered partially, insufficient and inadequate answers are the same as no answer in common law which is the highest law of this civil country. Unwritten rules shall prevail over the written rules. This is unacceptable. More questions are forthcoming. Will they comply and do their duty to answer in full, truthfully with transparency next time or will the Health Dictatorship risk further felony conduct?

Chapter IV

Of the sanctions

Article 71.- A prison term of three months to two years, or a fine of twenty to sixty days, shall be imposed on anyone who receives an order to comply or enforce, issued in an application for amparo or habeas corpus, and does not comply or does not enforce it, provided that the offense is not more seriously punished.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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